What features does Voozie Make have?
Voozie Maker allows you to attach and send text, photos, music, voice recording and video. It also has a variety of special effects, additional plug-ins (called Voozitrons) and other features that help you create truly unique Voozies.
Is Voozie Maker free?
How do I install Voozie Maker?
How will I know where to start once download the program?
What is the difference between Basic and Advanced modes?
What is a Voozitron?
What are the Greeters?
What are skins?
What is the time limit on voice recordings?
How do I send my creation?
How will my friends know they got a Voozie?
How do I view a Voozie I received?
How do I start over?
Can I save a Voozie and finish it later?
How do I add photos to the Voozie Maker?
How can I add music to my Voozie?
Where do I find and old Voozie that I sent or received?
Can I edit a Voozie that I received?
Can I extract images from a received Voozies?
Can I extract songs from received Voozies?